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Daily Record Keeping Tracking Log Book

$16.95 plus Shipping

Easy to use log, spiral bound, with heavy back and front covers. Each training goal can be checked off when goal is reached. There are also helpful hints that can assist the Handler when he is tracking in the field

Narcotic Detection - Scented Training Aids

$49.95 plus shipping per odor

Training aids are scented with REAL narcotics

NO Pseudo or Synthetic odors are used. 

Our training aids come packaged as shown in the pictures.  One odor per large containerEach large container is 1 order.

Odors currently available:





Our training aids have been used by police and sheriff departments as well as by prisons and private security for over 15 years.  They are great for any off site training or demonstrations where you may not want to leave real narcotics laying around and don't want to train with Pseudo odors.  They are also great for those who do not have access to real narcotics but need to be able to train with their K-9 for detection work.

Record Keeping Log For Drug Seizures

$16.95 plus Shipping

This drug seizure daily record keeping book can be used for court as well as a quick referral for the officer making drug arrests and seizures. Spiral bound.  The officer will appreciate the ease of use.  Also included 52 indicators of the drug trafficker.  55 pages

Narcotic Detection Training Logs

$16.95 plus Shipping

A spiral bound notebook with seven days of reports on each page. A one year supply of training logs to help you keep up to date concise records.

Problem Solving of Narcotic Detection K-9's

$24.95 plus Shipping

This manual covers topics such as searching autos, outside areas, and building searches. This video will address such issues as why the K-9 refuses to work, maintaining a strong work drive,  how to handle the K-9 when someone wants to pet it. Also covered are subjects such as how to teach the K-9 to alert on large or small amounts of drugs, how to get the K-9 to overcome fear of people and other animals, fear of traffic, and how to get the dog to search in high places. A must for trainers and handlers.

Training Narcotic Detection Dogs

$24.95 plus Shipping

This manual covers training of the K-9 from the beginning to the finished Narcotic Detection K-9. It covers how to prevent problems that develop in training the detection K-9 before they take place, how to correct the problems that have already developed in training, and what breeds work best. Also covered is how to be effective working the K-9 on the street, choosing the right handler for the departments K-9, how to proof against false alerts, where to train, and what type of training equipment to use, as well as where to get the K-9 certified. The beginner or the "Old Pro" will learn from reading this manual.