Hornbecks Videos, Books and Training Aids available to the public. We have been selling our products to Law Enforcement and private individuals for more than 25 years.

Gary LaFollette, Owner of LaFollette K-9 Training Center has been training K-9s and their human partners professionally since 1999.

Drugbeat K-9 Certification is one of the largest and most widely recognized certifications with acceptance world-wide for Law Enforcement and private security organizations.

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Almost 15 years ago our companies combined.  We have provided dog sales, K-9 training videos, books and training aids, and K-9 certifications for law enforcement and private security.  This has been done through 3 different websites that handlers, trainers and certifiers have all had to shop separately to find the information they need. Our world is busy and complicated enough though.  Shopping and researching is about speed and convenience so we have decided to combine the 3 websites into one dynamic and comprehensive website providing better and quicker access to all 3 company's products and services.  We will continue to provide the same great service (maybe even a little better with just one website to manage) but do it in one great place.   We have combined the websites to provide a one stop shop for all your Police K-9 Sales and Training, Certifications and Supplies.  Please contact GDL040257@aol.com or call 417-353-1596 for your questions, concerns or comments.

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